Extending the great work of Mark Aikens, the ∀2 Analog is a VGA video solution for your Apple II computer. We've added support for 16-Color 140x192 and Monochrome 560x192 "Double-HiRes", 80x48 "Double-LoRes", and 80 Column modes for Apple IIe computers.  With the PicoPal custom logic, the Analog now has ROM and Extended ROM areas available for 80 Column support on Apple II and II+ computers, as well as alternate firmware modes which provide WiFi modem & network card features.

Want to see for yourself how the ∀2 Analog stacks up against Composite video?
Come see us at VCF SouthEast or VCF Midwest in 2023!  Other show appearances TBA.


Coming in late 2023, the ∀2 Pivot is an advanced HDMI video solution for your Apple II computer with everything you'd expect and more.  The Pivot adds an Ultra-Wide 132 column text mode, as well as a Big Picture mode showing you the output from every screen mode and page at once.  Retro programmers will love the ∀2 Pivot for debugging without to switch back and forth between graphics and text modes.


Coming in early 2024. This project will bring full compatibility with Apple IIe software to the Apple II and II+ computers.  The ∀2 Rocket is more than just an ultra fast 65C02 and Z80 accelerator. The Rocket's Wish-I-Were mode takes full control of your Apple II or II+ motherboard, you don't even need RAM, ROM, or CPU installed!  With the Rocket Lab software toolkit, you can have multiple Rocket cards in your Apple II, II+, or IIe running parallel computations just like an AppleCrate.