∀2 Analog

New beta firmware release: January 30, 2023 Beta 

The ∀2 Analog is a VGA Video card for Apple II, II+, and IIe computers.

The ∀2 Analog builds on the AppleII-VGA by Mark Aikens, adding the ∀2 PicoPal to condense the slot selection logic typically needed for Apple II peripherals down to one chip. The firmware of the ∀2 Analog has been expanded to support Apple IIe compatible DGR, DHGR, and 80 column video, as well as Apple IIgs compatible registers for Text, Background and Border colors. Multiple alternate firmware modes including a PCPI Applicard emulator, and more features are still being added.

Every order ships with a 3.5" 800K ProDOS formatted floppy disk with useful utilities for configuring the card, uploading fonts, and transferring data to/from your Apple II.

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These screenshots were captured from the ∀2 Analog with a VisionRGB capture card..