The GreenSCSI Project

GreenSCSI has been heavily influenced by TinySCSIEmu, BlueSCSI, RaSCSI, and SCSI2SD. Each has their own flavor and I've tried to incorporate the best parts of each project in the overall design for GreenSCSI.


GreenSCSI has been tested successfully with the following SCSI hosts:

  • Apple Macintosh Quadra 950

  • Apple Macintosh Beige G3 MiniTower

  • DIGITAL AlphaStation 3000

  • DIGITAL VaxStation 3100 M76

  • DIGITAL MicroVax 3500 w/ KZQSA SCSI Controller

  • HP 9000/725 PA-RISC workstations (in HP-UX and NeXTStep)

  • ADIC 6101 Fibre Channel Bridge

  • Future Domain TMC-850 ISA SCSI

  • Adaptec AHA3940 PCI SCSI