Our DSSI terminator provides passive termination for your DEC PDP-11, VAX, or Alpha system with DSSI hard disks. NOT for SCSI!
This is the PCB only and does NOT include the required resistors, capacitors, or pin header.
Uses all through-hole parts for easy soldering. Choose between individual resistors or resistor packs.


  • 16x 120 ohm resistors or 2x 120 ohm x8 resistor packs (star configuration)

  • 16x 285 ohm resistors or 2x 285 ohm x8 resistor packs (star configuration)

  • 1x 1uF capacitor

  • 1x 47pF capacitor

  • 1x 50 pin (2x25) male header

Please note that this is for DSSI, and not SCSI. Both use 50 pin IDC ribbon cables, but have very different pinouts and termination loads!